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Anu Lil Dread
Born December 15, 1997 (age 24)
United States
Gender Male
  • Founder of ANULILDREAD
Years active 2018-present
Labels D-Ploy Records

Kadeem Porter (born December 15, 1997), better known by his stage name Anu Lil Dread, is an American singer, songwriter and musician. He has been regarded as multi-talented.

He's currently signed to D-Ploy Records as of March 2022.


Anu Lil Dread was born on December 15, 1997 as Kadeem Egbert Porter in the United States. His father is Egbert Porter, a Jamaican-born real estate investor with Jewish decent and his mother Donna Porter, is an African American legal secretary. Kadeem grew up in a multi-ethic environment, with his brothers Immanuel and Elisha. In March of 2022, when asked about how closely his ethnicity impacts him, Kadeem commented, “I can identify with Jamaicans and my Jewish identity, but I have never felt Jewish because I identify with how I look and that is black”. During his youth Kadeem expressed an affinity for basketball and played the tuba until 2012. While in High School he attended the Delray Beach "505" Teen Center and Hobbit Skate Park, where he studied music engineering using software logic pro, learning audio mixing and songwriting. Upon graduating from high school Kadeem decided that pursuing a music career would be better than his chances of securing a basketball scholarship, so he dove into song writing and teaching himself how to play the guitar. Kadeem later worked in various full-time and part time jobs in Palm Beach County, including a position as a security guard.

Music career[]

As of 21 March 2022, Upon release for Secret Reason by J-Pimp (featuring Nick Crenshaw & Anu Lil Dread) song going viral broke the first-week streaming records on SoundCloud, with 3.0 million streams worldwide.

Anu Lil Dread is musically inspired by Garnett Silk, Sean Paul, J. Cole and System of a Down. Based on his music selection he fell in love with different genres, production and methods of storytelling. Growing up in the internet era he created a habit of using the internet, and YouTube as his teacher, exploring new ideas, beats and lifestyles which made him comfortable with pursuing this career.

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