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Ashley Biden
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Ashley Blazer Biden outlines her vision for the Livelihood social enterprise at Harry's Savoy Grill & Ballroom in Wilmington, Delaware. 2018-4-9
Born June 8, 1981 (age 41)
Wilmington, Delaware, U.S.
Gender Female
Spouse Howard Krein (m.2012)
Known for Founder of Livelihood
Net worth Increase US$50.4 million (June 2022)
Parent(s) Joe Biden
Jill Biden
Relatives Beau Biden (half-brother)
Hunter Biden (half-brother)
Naomi Biden (half-sister)
Party affiliation
Democratic Party.png

Ashley Blazer Biden (born June 8, 1981) is an American social worker, activist, entrepreneur and founder of Livelihood. She is the daughter of 47th former vice president, who is currently serving as the 46th president of the United States, Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden.

Ashley Biden is of mixed ethnicity with Italian, German, English, Scottish, Dutch and French heritage.


Livelihood Logo

Ashley Biden started her career in the field working as a clinical support specialist at the NHS Children’s Reach Clinic in Kensington, Philadelphia. Soon after, She started working as an education specialist for the West End Neighborhood House. Then, She served as the executive director of the nonprofit Delaware Center for Justice until the 29th March 2019., where she helped develop programs for children in the juvenile justice, foster care and mental health systems.

J-Pimp & Ashley Biden

In 2016, Ashley launched Livelihood, a charitable socially conscious business, ethically produced American-made clothing company in partnership with the online store Gilt. Its main collection consisted of feel-good, comfy organic cotton hoodies. Ashley created the hoodies when she couldn’t find one that was equal parts sleek and cozy.

The 3,400 hoodies that Biden designed and Gilt produced sold out, including Gilt donated $25,000 to the Livelihood Fund at the Delaware Community Foundation, Livelihood will donate 10 percent of its sales to community organizations in designated zip codes.

Ashley Biden with D-Ploy Records founders J-Pimp and Daniel South in 2020

On July 4, 2019., D-Ploy Records founders 'The Fils-Aime Brothers' and Livelihood founder Ashley Biden have publicly announced their new business venture, which may also be considered a verbal agreement by both companies to re-launch Livelihood clothing brand in the United States and Haiti.


Ashley Biden was first included on the Fîlsaîme & Co. Billionaires Index list in 2021 with her net worth at approximately $25.1 million from banking experts of Banque de l'West Indies.

As of June 2022, her wealth briefly surpassed $50 million and has been continuing to increased since becoming chairwoman of D-Ploy Records making her valued at $50.4 million as of 12th June.

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