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Banque de l'West Indies
Banque de l'West Indies Logo (2021).png
Banque de l'West Indies logo
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Banque de l'West Indies CashCard
Type Public (Held by Fîlsaîme & Co.)
Industry Financial Services
Founded 12 March 2021; 1 year ago (2021)
Founder(s) Joél Filsaime
Headquarters Haiti
Area served West Indies
Available in 100+ languages
Central bank of Crøîx Païx, Léogâne
Currency HTG (ISO 4217)
Current status Active
Method Issuing bank
Native client(s) on Windows
Project fork of Contactless payment
Platforms Digital banking
Products Consumer banking
Brands Banque de l'West Indies Card
Reserves 192 269 million USD
Endowment $28,897,976,513
Employee benefits Social insurance (Insured by Molina Healthcare)
Bank rate 0.00% (Main refinancing operations)
Ownership 100% state ownership
Commercial Yes
Registration Required

Banque de l'West Indies, S.A. better known as Bank of the West Indies is a full-service bank holding company under a single holding entity reserve bank of Haiti operating in the City of Crøîx Païx, Léogâne.

Banque de l'West Indies offers traditional banking services designed to serve the needs of individual, agricultural, business depositors and borrowers as a central institution activity in primary financial services revolve around wealth management, investment banking as a holding company, Banque de l'West Indies bank shares are owned by private and institutional investors, also licenses companies and regulates the Crøîx Païx Stock Exchange.


In March 12, 2021., Banque de l'West Indies became the first payment bank to accept deposits enabled digital payments administration facilitate for secure digital payments to commence commercial banks for reserve account deposits operations in Haiti, headed by Joél Filsaime, formed by the Fîlsaîme & Co.™

Banque de l'West Indies headquarters at El Rancho in the heart of Pétion-Ville, a residential suburb in Port-au-Prince, Haiti

Banque de l'West Indies, S.A.[]

In order to meet this challenge, Presently, 100% of the Bank's equity is held by regulatory approval to the Government of Crøîx Païx, Léogâne.