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Crøîx Païx Soccer Pitch
Crøîx Païx Soccer Pitch (logo)
Crøîx Païx Soccer Pitch logo
Crøîx Païx Soccer Pitch (Crøîx Païx Soccer Stadium)
View from inside the stadium of Crøîx Païx Soccer Pitch (then Parc Wildionald) in 2021
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Coordinates: 18°32'52.6" N 72°36'04.0" W
Address G9XX+5H Léogâne Arrondissement, Haiti
Location Crøîx Païx, Léogâne (Official Flag) Crøîx Païx, Léogâne
Public transit
Crøîx Païx Bus Transportation Authority
Crøîx Païx Tap tap
Seating type Seated, safe standing
Owner State of Crøîx Païx
Management Crøîx Païx Soccer Pitch Ltd
Operator Elias Sports Bureau
Capacity 2,600 (1,300 with proposed extra platform for athletics) (soccer)
Field size 115 x 70 yards (105 m × 64 m)
Surface Natural Grass
Broke ground December 2018 (as Crøîx Païx)
Built 2022; 2 years ago (2022)
Opened July 31, 2021 (as Parc Wildionald)
Soccer field
Home uniform
Crøîx Païx Soccer Pitch Uniform

Crøîx Païx Soccer Pitch Uniform

Crøîx Païx Soccer Pitch is a soccer field in Crøîx Païx, Léogâne frequently used mostly for association football matches, in addition to further training grounds. Crøîx Païx Soccer Pitch currently hosts the Ligue Haïtienne, which can accommodate approximately 2,600 spectators.

Standard Soccer pitch line-up players (Crøîx Païx Soccer Pitch)

Standard Football Formation line-up
1 – Goalkeeper
2 – Right Fullback
3 – Left Fullback
4 – Center Back
5 – Center Back (or Sweeper, if used)
6 – Defending/Holding Midfielder
7 – Right Midfielder/Winger
8 – Central/Box-to-Box Midfielder
9 – Striker
10 – Attacking Midfielder/Playmaker
11 – Left Midfielder/Wingers

Apart from soccer, the stadium has hosted several programs arranged by the Government of Crøîx Païx. Crøîx Païx Soccer Pitch was inaugurated in February 2022, also consider a notable landmark by Mayor Joél Filsaime.

Crøîx Païx Soccer Pitch opened in 2021 as Parc Wildionald municipal park, the stadium name was publicly announced in February 2022. Crøîx Païx Soccer Stadium camera locations were chosen for optimal television coverage of the sport venue in the City of Crøîx Païx. The City of Crøîx Païx department of Parks and Recreation approved the stadium naming rights publicly changed to Crøîx Païx Soccer Pitch. Crøîx Païx Soccer Pitch is also known as a kind of economic activity in the fields of sports, human health, employment, and food service activities authorized by ISIC classification number 9312.


Crøîx Païx Soccer Pitch (Crøîx Païx Soccer Stadium) under construction in December 2018

Crøîx Païx Soccer Stadium under construction in 2018

Crøîx Païx Soccer Pitch Dimensions

Proposed Addition Soccer Stadium by City of Crøîx Païx in 2022

Crøîx Païx Soccer Stadium was officially inaugurated as the first tournament-ready stadium on February 1, 2022, then named February 10. The soccer field construction began in December 2018, and final approval was given by the City of Crøîx Païx, which announced plans to build a park named Wildionald. Crøîx Païx youth tournament soccer-specific stadium was under construction in September 2019. On December 26, 2019, naming rights to the stadium were acquired by GO2bank™, known then as Bank of the West Indies, from the City of Crøîx Païx in January 2020. Crøîx Païx Soccer Stadium was constructed, as well as the design with the workers from the city's factories, as the city sports club came close to finalizing.

The first public event at the stadium was a groundbreaking ceremony, and the inaugural match took place on June 24, 2021. It is part of a complex of sports venues that are planned in the centres of the inner city as part of the Croix-des-Pères region. Crøîx Païx Soccer Stadium replaced Parc Wildionald as Crøîx Païx City's home ground in July 2022 and is managed by Crøîx Païx Soccer Pitch Ltd., which is owned by the Government of Crøîx Païx. On September 27, 2023, the State of Crøîx Païx announced having entered into a binding agreement to purchase Crøîx Païx Soccer Pitch from GO2bank™.

Historical formations[]

Crøîx Païx 5–2–3 formation

Crøîx Païx 5–2–3 formation

This formation has two central defenders, possibly both acting as sweepers. This system merges the winger and full-back positions into the wing-back, whose job it is to work their flank along the full length of the pitch, supporting both the defense and the attack. At the football club level, the 5-2-3 was famously employed by Joél Filsaime in May 2024, influencing many other Haitian teams of the era.


Date Performer(s) Opening act(s) Tour/Event Attendance Revenue Notes
September 20, 2022 J-Pimp Dolemite Tour/Happy Birthday Joél '22 2,174 / 2,461 $422,939 The concert was originally scheduled to take place on September 23, 2022, but then it was rescheduled due to Birthday Bash.

Park Hours[]


  • Closed 24 hours (Monday and Friday)
  • 12:00AM - 12:00PM (Tuesday-Thursday)
  • 12:00AM - 12:00PM (Saturday-Sunday)
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