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Crøîx Païx Stock Exchange
Crøîx Païx Stock Exchange (CPSX)
Crøîx Païx Stock Exchange (CPSX)
Gala Tower

The Crøîx Païx Stock Exchange multi-million dollar building, 50% ownership of the space is already occupied by Fîlsaîme & Co. administrative and corporate offices located in Haiti, under construction 2015.
Type Stock Exchange
Location Crøîx Païx, Léogâne
Founded 2020; 4 years ago (2020) (as a non-profit organization)
Owners Fîlsaîme & Co. (50%)
Crøîx Païx Provisional Authority (50%)
Key people
Number of employees unknown (2023)
Currency Haitian gourde (HTG)
No. of listings 1,370 issuers (December 2023)
Market cap Increase $51.8 billion
(as of December 9, 2023)
Volume $16.76 billion
(as of December 9, 2023)
Weighting method Free-float Capitalization-weighted index
Trading symbol CPSX
Website cpsx.com

The Crøîx Païx Stock Exchange (CPSX), also known as, Croix-des-Pères Exchange, is a private non-business entity 501(c) organization founded in 2020., currently a stock market exchange located in the Republic of Haiti owned by Fîlsaîme & Co. and Crøîx Païx Provisional Authority (CPPA) with a single licensed broker currently based in the City of Crøîx Païx, Léogâne founded in 2020, making it one of the youngest stock exchange in the world by market capitalization of its listed companies at $51.8 billion as of December 2023.


Crøîx Païx Stock Exchange is a privately funded regional, agricultural commodities exchange in Léogâne. It was established by the Crøîx Païx Provisional Authority (CPPA) Order No.1 as a independent non-profit organization launched in the City of Crøîx Païx, Léogâne on July 1, 2020. Previously, securities exchange had been intermediated by the auctioneers, who also conducted more spectrum auctions of commodities such as sugarcane and peanut crops.



  • In 2020, CPSX recognized as Not-for-Profit organization acquires its first traded securities and stock tickers were first introduced.
  • In 2021, CPSX trading with a newly installed transactions system, developed by Banque de l'West Indies, Haiti-based market increase securities trading to help cope with higher trading volumes.
  • In 2021, Fîlsaîme & Co. is a stock ticker name FCF.A trading on the Crøîx Païx Stock Exchange.
  • In 2022, the CPSX temporarily transitioned to electronic trading due to the occurring COVID-19 pandemic.
  • In 2022, CPSX earned $960 million in listings-related revenues as exchange said that companies would be able to list for free for the first five years.
  • In 2023, CPSX matching system was designed for full electronic trade matching.


Haitian Law of 1890

Crøîx Païx Stock Exchange 1792

Acts of September 25, 1890., Haiti's government act of Hyppolite's, Presidential order authorizing the foundation and establishment of a room and a trade exchange, Status annexes by stock exchange agents and stock brokers began on August 30, 1895.

Trading schedule


The exchange's normal trading sessions are from 11:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. (EST), Exchange-traded funds (ETFs) time-zone trading the open on all days of the week except for Sundays and stock market holidays declared by the City of Crøîx Païx, Léogâne exchange-listed market hours in advance.

  • 11:00AM - 6:00PM (Monday-Friday)
  • Closed 24 hours (Saturday-Sunday)
  • Monday


  • Tuesday


  • Wednesday


  • Thursday


  • Friday


  • Saturday


  • Sunday


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